The vacuum therapy is the best at stimulating the body’s own anti-cellulite mechanisms. The vacuum treats the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, targeting cellulite and prioritizing the elimination of the toxins. It also stimulates the cellular exchanges and mobilizes the tissue, in order to reestablish the firmness of the skin and to reduce and completely remove the orange peel aspect of the skin.

The vacuum treatments reduce water retention by improving the lymphatic circulation and the blood flow. The vacuum executes a delicate exfoliation on the surface of the skin, reestablishing the skin’s natural luminosity. The principal method of the vacuum’s function is the aspiration, which involves a profound and systematic massage.

The vacuum therapy stimulates the body's own anti-cellulite mechanisms better then any other treatment.

The endermology vacuum therapy is one of the most efficient anti-cellulite treatment for all types of cellulite, which breaks and trains the adipose cells which are the reason for the orange peel skin aspect.
The procedure consists of an aspiration type of massage, during which the aspect of the orange peel skin is visibly improved. This way, the subcutaneous layer of fay, the retained water in the tissue as well as the toxins are eliminated with the help of lymphatic drainage.
The anti cellulite treatment with the endermology vacuum isn’t solely limited to fat dislocating and burning, but also to the considerable loss of centimeters from the waistline and the removal of stretch marks. THe treatment also stimulates the body’s natural anti cellulite mechanisms, reestablishes the sins firmness and tone.

Vacuum treatments

  • anti cellulite and weight loss treatment
  • relaxing treatments
  • elimination of the fat deposits
  • blood flow improvement
  • lymphatic circulation improvement