Ultrasound cavitation represents a non surgical body remodeling targeted fat reduction, an alternative for the traditional liposuction. The scientific procedure of the cavitation is defined as the creation of a void that forms gas or steam bubbles. The same procedure takes place in the adipose tissue, with the help of the low frequency ultrasound waves (30 – 70 KHz).

The continuous stimulation by the cavitational pressure breaks the cell membranes, causing an implosion that makes fat particles (triglycerides) self destruct and transform from a solid to a liquid substance (driglycerides), making them easily absorbable by the lymphatic system and urinary tract.

Non surgical targeted fat reduction alternatives

for the traditional liposuction

Ultrasound waves may have several effects on the organism:

  • Thermic effect – The ultrasound waves produce molecular movement that accelerates the kinetic energy of the molecules, resulting in an increase in temperature. When the temperature rises above normal, the process of protein denaturation starts, resulting in a loss of cellular functions.
  • The production of the cavitation phenomenon – The conduction of the sounds around 40 KHz produces a depression which has an effect of liquid pressure reduction under the gas. This way microscopic bubbles are produced
  • Through the mechanic effect, the micro ultrasound waves result in the breaking of adipocyte membranes.

The advantages of ultrasound cavitation are:

  • No pain.
  • Safe, non invasive treatment.
  • Visible results right after the first week.
  • Permanently removes the fat cells (adipocytes).
  • Efficient for the accumulation of superficial and non volumetric fats.
  • Tonifies the connective tissue.
  • Highly efficient in the treatment of cellulite.