Multipolar radiofrequency and LED light treatments

The multipolar radiofrequency are innovative systems, that are extremely efficient in the maximization of energy and RF technology, without any negative side effects.

Pain relief and impact on the general health:

  • helps the blood flow, lymphatic circulation and the metabolism;
  • increases the inner temperature and metabolism with the help of the heat increasing effect on the deep layers;
  • improves the body’s defense mechanism – increases the resistance to stress;
  • eliminates the active oxygen and improves the hormonal balance
  • relaxes the muscles and eases pain.
The multipolar radiofrequency devices are innovative system, extremely efficient in energy maximization and RF technology

without any negative side effects.

Skin rejuvenation effect:

  • intensifies the cellular activity of the epidermis;
  • eases chronic infections and disinfects the acne skin;
  • activates the skin cells – improves the aspect of wrinkles, tonifies and treats the skin;
  • removes the impurities from the pores of the epidermis.

Other benefic effects

  • baldness prevention
  • hair regeneration.

Chromotherapy treatments (LED)

Through the optimal adjustment of the teguments radiation with coloured light, to obtain excellent results without deteriorating the tissues. Chromotherapy accelerates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

RED Led Light (650nm):

  • intensification of the cell’s biochemical activity;
  • improves the skin’s regenerative function;
  • intensive oxygenation;
  • calming and pleasant sensation as a post dermabrasion treatment;
  • more efficient accumulation of substances used is mesotherapy.

Blue LED Light (430nm)

  • assures the beneficial sterilization effects of the UV radiation;
  • reduces the existing acne and infections on the level of the epidermis, and an additional relaxing effect;
  • post mesotherapy sterilization;
  • antibacterial effect.

In case the red or blue LEDs are used simultaneously, this will result a common, synergic effect.