Dermabrasion with micro crystals was first developed by the Italian Florence Mattiolli, having acquired 20 years of usage history. This type of technology is only used by expert dermatologists and doctors, however it seems to get more and more popular between beauty saloons and Spa centers. Dermabrasion was called the best medical beauty care methods and was developed in Europe for several years, curing patients with different problems and offering extremely satisfying results.

Diamond dermabrasion offers a non surgical option for skin polishing, using sterile diamond treatment heads in order to clean the skin’s surface, after which the dead skin cells and impurities are vacuumed. This procedure removes the dead skin cells, imperfections, scar marks, wrinkles and the unwanted pigmentation of the skin.

The replenishment of the natural nutrients

The moderate usage of diamond dermabrasion, together with our skin care products that penetrate the surface of the skin all the way to the level of the dermis, assist at the replenishment of the natural nutrients, reestablishment of the cellular activity and the regaining of the skin’s health.

The result of dermabrasion is a healthy, bright and beautiful skin.

Florence Mattiolli

Treats a large variety of skin problems

The microdermabrasion devices (without crystals) safely and efficiently treat a large variety of skin problems, which include: skin aging, discolored and flushed skin, ingrown hair, stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion treatments without crystals are recommended for all skin types, including the sensitive ones.

  • Includes a large variety of body treatments
  • Completely risk free, even in the case of sensitive treatment areas near the eyes, mouth and neck
  • Efficiently treats the hardly accessible areas between the skin creases
  • There aren’t any consumable, hardly maintainable or hardly replaceable crystals
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic
  • Functions in an elegant and silent way