WellSpa Vacuum

Anti cellulite, body remodeling and lifting treatments with the new generation endermologie vacuum device, for facial and body treatments

The Wellspa vacuum device was designed for non invasive treatments with an endermologie vacuum on the entire body. Thanks to Body LipoSlim Care and Facial Powerlifting - Wellspa guarantees efficient results in the treatment of cellulite, skin tonifying and body remodeling, as well as in facial and scalp treatments.

Efficient, simple and easy operation

  • Double option: treatment costume or aromatic oils (the device is fitted with interior filter)
  • Treatments for the entire body, face and scalp
  • Competitive price compared to the quality competitors
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Advantages of Wellspa

Applicators with motorized rollers and special type of small spheres for facial treatments

  • strong dynamic pulsations
  • easy operation due to automatized programs
  • 6 interchangable applicators

4 Programs & 7 intensity levels

  • Convenient operation mode through the pulsation modes
  • Varied treatment range – from light lymphatic drainage to cellulite treatment
  • Free control of the intensity

Body LiposlimCare

The Wellspa vacuum assures efficiency in body remodeling thanks to the strong vacuum and the dynamic pulsation technique

Facial PowerLifting

Improved facial treatments with the specialized Wellspa applicators

Wellspa from a single perspective:

  • 6 applicators
  • 4 multifunctional programs
  • 7 intensity levels

Vacuum WellSpa Applicators

Applicator with small spheres


  • Double impact: the overlapping of the endermologie vacuum’s effect with the sphere massage
  • Action: the breaking down of cellulite and targeted fat with the rotational sphere system, lifting effect for flacid skin and the stimulation of fibroblasts
  • Effect: body contouring, refining of the skin texture, face tonifying, lifting, collagen and elastin regeneration

Facial Applicators


Reduced dimension applicators for accurate facial treatments

Motorized roller applicators


  • Double impact: the overlapping of the pulsing vacuums’s effect with the dynamic rollers
  • Action: body remodeling, stimulation of the lymphatic circulation, blood flow and profound massage
  • Effect: lipolysis, loss of centimeters, detoxification, improvement of the edema, muscle relaxation and the calming of the nervous system.

Technical specifications

Voltage220V~240V // 50/60Hz
Applicators1x applicator with motorized roles

3x sphere applicators

2x facial applicators

Display5.5inch LCD screen
Vacuum power650mmHG
Weight40 Kg
ManufacturerEunSung Corp. (South Korea)