3 in 1 system for freckles and moles (melanocytic nevus) removal and skin care with high frequency rf, electroporation and microcurrent

SPOTCLEAR is an aesthetic system that removes freckles, moles and unwanted pigmentation, using focused radiofrequency (Plasma Lite). Additional functions of the system are a Y head for skin lifting with microcurrent therapy and another one with multipolar mesopore for improving the penetration of active substances.

SpotClear’s advantages

  • versatile system which combines 3 efficient technologies;
  • customized treatments depending on the patient;
  • minimally invasive procedures, with amazing results;
  • intuitive and easy to use digital display;
  • LED light for Plasma Lite head.
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How SpotClear works

  • Focused radiofrequency (Plasma Lite) – the production of localised heat with high RF currents eliminates the pigmented zone’s hydration, a coagulant effect is induced and a scab forms. At the end of the healing process (3-7 days), the scab together with the pigment lesion is eliminated without a trace.
  • Electroporation / dermatoporosis – without an invasive action on cellular structure, it combines two powerful therapies within the same setting: electroporation- micro currents make a temporary opening in the cellular membranes, and electrophoresis- a method by which the active ingredients of cosmetic cocktails are pushed into the deep layers of the skin.
  • Micro-currents Lifting – by the application of microcurrents in the superficial layer of the skin, we obtain a tensile effect on the facial muscles. The lifting effect creates new collagen formations and stimulates the dermal tissues to increase the level of elastin.

SpotClear applicator

Pigmented spots elimination

The treatment head Plasma Lite generates a strong thermic effect through high radiofrequency, similar to plasma effect, evaporating the water from the pigmented zone, creating a scab and starting the healing process. By repeatedly applying the treatment, the pigmented spots, freckles and melanocytic nevus are removed.

Aplicator SpotClear

The effective absorption of active ingredients

Applying the specific wavelengths currents increases exponentially the permeability of the epidermis, a temporary opening in the cellular membranes it’s created and it allows the deep absorption of active ingredients. To increase the efficiency and safety of the treatment it is recommended the use of sterile mesotherapy solutions.

Face-lifting treatemt with microcurrents

The stimulation through specific microcurrents of facial muscles creates a lifting effect, increasing cellular metabolism and forms collagen and elastin in the treated areas.

MICRODERMA recommended the Mesotherapy solutions Toskani Cosmetics.

Additional information about recommended the mesotherapy solutions in dermatoporosis / mesopore treatments SPOTCLEAR can be found here.

Technical characteristics of SpotClear

FR Head2X Plasma Lite
Liftin Head1XY type
Mezo Head1x Multipolar
Adjustment10 levels
LED wavelenghts430nm (blue)
VoltageAC 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight3.59 kg