Megason Cavitation

Non invasive intensive lipoplasty & non surgical ultrasound cavitation

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How does Megason Cavitation work?

The Megason cavitation device is based on the low frequency ultrasound effect, which thanks to the generated pressure forms small gas bubbles  (cavitational bubbles), and their successive implosion, breaking the adipose cell’s membranes. Once disintegrated, the adipose cell’s unbound content (triglycerides, cholesterol, fatty acids and toxins) is absorbed  by the lymph and drained by the lymphatic system.

  • The ultrasound waves in the specific range of 30 to 70 KHz are able to trigger the cavitation effect
  • The Megason cavitation device safely eliminates  targeted fat with the help of ultrasound waves between 32 ~ 43 KHz. The automatized options from the menu and the preset pulsing waves are the best options to treat different areas of the body
  • The unique technology of frequency alteration of the Megason cavitation device increases the implosion of the microbubbles and the cavitation effect.

How does cavitation work?


The continuous stimulation created by the cavitational pressure breaks the cellular membranes and causes an implosion which makes the fatty acids(triglicerides) self-destruct and transform from a solid to a liquid substance (diglycerides), making them more absorbable for the body’s natural waste disposal system, the lymphatic system and the urinary system.

Megason Cavitation Applicators

2x Applicators – D60 and D80
  • applicators with intensive LED lights = beneficial effect for skin rejuvenation
  • ergonomic design
  • lightweight, easily usable applicators

Technical specifications

Voltage110V~240V // 50/60Hz
Power Consumption10 – 70 W
Ultrasound frequency31KHz – 36KHz
ApplicatorsD60 and D80
Dimensions243 x 290 x 358 mm
Display18 cm touchscreen
Weight5 Kg
ManufacturerEunSung Corp. (South Korea)