Magicpot radiofrequency device

Integrated body remodeling treatments (multi- and bipolar radiofrequency, vacuum, LED)

MagicPot radiofrequency - body remodeling, facial lifting through radiofrequency, vacuum and LED - three functions within a single high performance device

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MagicPot radiofrequency - treatment of cellulite and body remodeling

The MagicPot radiofrequency device is a unique device that reunites two systems – Body LiposlimCare for body treatments and Facial PowerLifting for facial rejuvenation treatments. Both systems benefit of the integrated multipolar radiofrequency, vacuum and LED, united to obtain the highest possible performance.

MagicPot radiofrequency - integrated applications

  • LiposlimCare body remodeling treatments
    LiposlimCare guarantees a successful solution for body remodeling with the help of three unified technologies- multipolar radiofrequency, vacuum and LED light therapy. It’s recommended for cellulite treatments, adipose layer reduction, body remodeling and skin tensioning.


  • Facial Powerlifting treatments
    Facial Powerlifting represents a specialized facial lifting system of the Magicpot radiofrequency device, which utilizes a unique combination of multipolar radiofrequency, vacuum and LED light therapy. It’s recommended for the prevention of wrinkles, collagen and elastin regeneration, facial lifting and skin tensioning.

The bipolar radiofrequency affects the dermal layers up to a depth of 5-10mm, and assist the metabolism in the burning of the adipose layers. The combined effect of radiofrequency with the vacuum massage is a treatment without side effect that brings great improvements in the aspect of cellulite and general skin condition. A series of treatment for maintenance is necessary for long term treatments.

MagicPot Advantages

  • advanced multipolar radiofrequency technology  integrated in all the treatment heads
  • continuous vacuum massage / pleasant and high performance pulsing
  • Intense 630nm and 430nm LED light for the stimulation of the cellular metabolism and an additional disinfectant effect
  • ergonomically manufactured applicators for an efficient treatment on the entire body
  • varied vacuum, with multiple pulses and adjustable intensity
  • portable, easy to install and operate
  • highly competitive price

MagicPot applications

  • the elimination of cellulite and the reduction of the adipose layer
  • the boosting of the metabolism
  • the reduction of the waistline (and other body parts) in centimeters
  • a firmer skin and wrinkle elimination

MagicPot™ applicators




Technical specifications

VacuumMaximum 250mmHg
Radiofrequency0,8MHz, multipolar
LED light630nm // 430nm
Power consumption150W
Weight6 Kg
Dimensions291 x 270 x 282mm
ManufacturerEunsung Global Corp. (ROK)