EPN – Unique system of fractioned microneedles with electroporation

For skin care and maximization of the penetrability of active substances

EPN is a new generation cosmetic device which combines the benefits of microneedling treatments with the maximized penetrability of the electroporation. Through the fractioned microneedling treatment combined with the electroporation treatment, EPN improves the delivery of active substances in the different layers of the facial skin and scalp. The shorter treatment duration and higher efficiency allows a more comfortable experience for the patients, while assuring remarkable results.

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Advantages of EPN

  • Synergic delivery effect of the active substances
  • The combination of microneedles and electroporation efficiently delivers the active substances
  • Increased molecular weight and hydrophilicity
  • Precise control of the treatment
  • Regeneration of the skin condition in a very short time
  • Stimulation of the fibroblasts for increased collagen production

EPN clinical indications

  • Hair regeneration / treatment for hair loss
  • Improvement of the aspect of scars
  • Uniformalizes skin tone
  • Treats hyperpigmentation
  • Skin lifting and increases it’s firmness
  • Reduces the size of pores
  • Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment

Technical Specifications

Speed (/minute)3 settings – 4.000 / min., 4.500 / min., 5.000 / min.
Penetration depth0.1   – 2.0 mm
Needle size33g
Number of needles/ treatment head9
Electroporation5 levels
Multi-needle devicesUnique usage