Duet – fractioned and thermic radiofrequency system

Fractioned and thermic radiofrequency within a single device – new generation of focused radiofrequency devices

Duet RF uses the advanced focused radiofrequency technology. The system offers two types of RF treatments, which can be used separately or simultaneously to maximize the results of the treatments. The special applicator and a set of 6 treatment heads makes a large variety of clinical applications possible with a precise control of the treatment parameters. The treatments offer results in treating wrinkles, post acne scars, dilated pores, hypertrophic skin texture, pigmentation spots, lifting, contour and skin tensioning.

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Clinical applications of the Duet Radiofrequency

  • Anti-aging treatments – Complete facial rejuvenation through the stimulation of collagen formation;
  • Treatment of scars – Different scars, including: post acne scars, post surgical scars, burn marks, etc;
  • Skin tone homogenization - keratosis seborheica, speckles, lentigo, rejuvenation of aged skin, treatment of large pores or pigmentation spots
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment –Periorbital, perioral or deep wrinkles.

Advantages of Duet Radiofrequency

The Duet RF system offers two types of focused radiofrequency treatments – thermic (monopolar NTTS system) and fractioned (multipolar AFMR system).

NTTS advanced thermic RF delivery system


The NTTS ( Non-Pole Thermal Transpiration Structures) system is an advanced type of technology which delivers constant energy units of thermic radiofrequency. This energy delivery system assures a non-invasive treatment and results in the immediate contraction of the collagen, the stiffening of collagen, the tensioning of the skin and the remodeling of the treated area.


  • Stable and safe thermic RF delivery system (NTTS)
  • The RF energy can be controlled in a very precise way (impedance control technology)
  • Improved technology of the treatment heads (over 2000 pulses / 60 minutes)
  • Different dedicated treatment heads (treatment head, NS, NC or NCE)
  • Reduced level of irritation / less side effects
  • Reduced treatment duration / reduced recovery time (approximately 15-20 minutes / less than a day)
  • Large range of treatments

AFMR remodeling technology


The fractioned RF delivery is assured by the AFMR (Advanced Fractional Multi-Polarity Radiofrequency) system. The fractioned RF treatment creates ablation zones the size of a few microns, areas of necrosis in the dermis and promotes the remodeling of the collagen layer in a more effective way then the traditional remodeling treatments.


  • A very accurate type of treatment (the AFMR technology allows an advanced level of accuracy on the targeted areas)
  • The duration and intensity of the radiofrequency are adjustable
  • Sensors ( the 4 sensors from the top of the treatment heads make the treatment safe)
  • Improved lifespan of the treatment heads (more then 1000 available pulses)
  • Specialized treatment heads (64 pins, 100 pins, 196 pins)
  • Less irritation / less side effects
  • Reduced treatment duration (approximately 20 minutes, 0.2 seconds between pulses)
  • Reduced recovery time (between 1 and 7 days)
  • Large range of treatments

Technical specifications

Type of radiofrequency no. 1Multipolar radiofrequency
Frequency4 MHz
Maximum output25J/cmp
Treatment surface10,5 x 10,5mm (1,1 cm2)
Type of treatment heads64 pin // 100 pin // 196 pin
Treatment programStep 1, 2 and 3
Type of radiofrequency no. 2Monopolar frequency
Frequency4 MHz
Maximum output80J/cmp
Treatment surface3,61 cmp // 2,51cmp // 0,38cmp
Type of treatment headsNS-square // NC-circle // NCE-circle
Treatment programStep 1, 2 and 3
Control panelLCD touchscreen
Dimensions460 x 450 x 1280mm
Weight27 kg