Phototeraphy Dr. Light

Dinamic phototherapy system for aesthetic facial and body treatments, including led lights with 3 different wavelenghts

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How does it work?

Dr. Light is a dynamic phototherapy system for aesthetic facial and body treatments with led lights with 3 different wavelengths- 415nm (blue), (red) 656 and 830nm (infrared) for treating different skin problems, like acne, circulatory problems, firmness and toning. With Dr. Light system’s help you can offer noninvasive treatments and without any secondary effects on face, neck and cleavage.

  • Red LED: wavelength – 415nm
  • Blue LED: wavelength – 656 nm
  • Infrared LED: wavelength -830nm

Dr. Light’s advantages

3-D structure – due to the ergonomic shape it is possible the targeting of LED light towards the interior, therefore increasing the treatment’s results
Combinations of light with different wavelengths – by adjusting the LED beams’ intensities we can treat different skin problems at the same time
Optimal size – the device’s size offers the possibility of simultaneously treating the face, neck and scalp
Interface designed for an easy usage – controlled LED level (from 0 to 4). Automatic saving of the last chosen level so that there is no need to reconfigure the level at each step of the treatment
Convenient storage – the lateral supports’ folding system makes it easier to store and move the device

Dr Light led


depth of dermis up to 1mm
  • the closest to ultraviolet;
  • calming skin problems;
  • wound scarring;
  • antibacterial effect;
  • acne treatment;
  • controls sebum production.

RED LIGHT – 656nm

depth of dermis up to 6mm
  • improving circulation;
  • cellular regeneration, photostimulation;
  • regenerative anti-aging treatment;
  • pain therapy.


the deepest penetration
  • invisible infrared light which transports a large amount of energy
  • heating effect at the surface
  • synergetic effect with blue and red light

Through optimal dosage of skin radiation and the right wavelengths we can obtain remarkable results, avoiding tissue damage. The chromotherapy intensifies the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.


RED led:415nm
BLUE led:wavelenght – 656nm
INFRARED led:wavelenght – 830nm
Intensity level:1-5
Weight: 4.5 kg
Dimension:473 x 484 x 343mm