Clearlight LD8o8 - laser diode for definitive epilation

The gold standard in the reduction of pilosity - universal laser for the removal of unwanted hair

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Clearlight LD8o8 laser diode - Powerful system with high intensity pulses

Clearlight LD8o8 was designed to offer the most efficient system for the definite treatment of pilosity. The system generates high energy pulses and assures a quick and effective treatment. The cooling of the treatment head guarantees a comfortable, non invasive treatment.

The Clearlight LD8o8 laser diode uses a 808nm wavelength and is delivered directly in the melanin from the hair, affecting it’s roots. It’s exclusively dedicated for the definitive epilation treatments, as it functions on the principle of selective photothermolysis.

The energy is absorbed in the hair follicle, destroying it without affecting the nearby tissue.

Advanced pulse technology

The Clearlight LD8o8 laser diode offers 4 types of pulses – singular, double, triple and advanced – which increase the safety and efficiency of the treatment by the delivery of energy in various sequences of milliseconds.

High repetition rate = high speed treatments

  • MOD HRS – up to 3Hz
  • MOD HRM – up to 15Hz
  • MOD STM – up to 10Hz

Advantages of the user

  • the golden standard in definitive epilation;
  • accuracy in the treatment;
  • easy operation, varied programs.

Advantages of the patient

  • reduced level of discomfort thanks to the optimized pulse technology;
  • safe treatments because of the advanced cooling system;
  • excellent results;
  • no side effects.

Advantages of the ClearLight LD8o8 laser diode

808nm laser diode for hair removal
  • permanent hair removal;
  • for all textures and types of skin;
  • skin tensioning effect as an additional benefit.
Large spot dimension
  • spot dimension of 14 x 14mm
  • reduced treatment time
Contact cooling
  • increases the safety of the treatment;
  • increased performance.

Technical specifications

Laser typeDiode
Fluency1 – 120J/cm2
Pulse duration1 – 800ms
Maximum output600W
Repetition rateHRS Mode – 3Hz

HRM Mode – 15Hz

STM Mode– 10HZ

Pulse typeSingular, double, triple
Spot dimension14 x 14mm
Cooling systemContact cooling
Display10.2 inch LCD touchscreen
Dimensions388 x 610 x 1189mm
Weight50 kg