Clearlight - optimal intense pulse light delivery system

The IPL system SPL CLEARLIGHT is equipped with a double Xenon light and functions based on selective photothermolysis, using the intense pulse light with the wavelengths between 430~1200nm

CLEARLIGHT approaches a series of problems of the skin and offers a non invasive treatment through the delivery of intense pulse light in the different layers of the skin.

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5 clearlight filters = 5 different penetration depths

Advanced pulse technology

  • The pulses of the IPL system / SPL Clearlight

Designed to guarantee the comfort and optimal results of a treatment. The system offers 4 types of pulses – singular, double, triple and multiple – that grow the safety and efficiency of the treatment through the delivery of energy in various sequences of milliseconds.

  • CLEARLIGHT Toning Pulse

In this case, the energy is delivered in sequences of microseconds  to avoid the side effects in the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Advantages of the user

  • varied treatments;
  • accuracy;
  • facial operation.

Advantages of the patients

  • reduced treatment cost;
  • optimal quality - price ratio
  • rapid system, reduced treatment duration.

Advantages of the user

  • reduced discomfort thanks to the optimized pulse technology;
  • excellent results;
  • no side effects.

Advantages of the ClearLight intense pulse light

IPL system / SPL clearlight treatments

The CLEARLIGHT™ system is a modular system with multifunctional applications that allow the extension of your treatment portofolio and the addressability of your treatments with the following aesthetic treatments:

  • progressive definitive epilation and hirsutism;
  • vascular lesions and / or pigmentation;
  • photo rejuvenation treatments and fine lines;
  • pigmentation problems (solar exposure, age spots);
  • vulgar acne.

IPL system  / SPL ClearLight - a flexible solution

  • a single applicator for multiple treatments;
  • simplicity of the replacement of filters;
  • applicator for large treatment areas (15x40mm) and rapid treatment;
  • individualized treatments (5 Fitzpatrick + 4 types of hair treatments);
  • user friendly and suggestive interface.

Technical specifications

Light sourceXenon lamp
Fluency5 – 38J/cm2
Pulse Duration5 – 50ms
Pulse Delay0 – 90ms
Repetition RateUp to 1Hz
Pulse TypeSingular, double, triple, multiple
Spot Dimension15 x 40mm
CoolingMaximum -15C
Display8 inch LCD touchscreen
Dimensions310 x 590 x 1220mm