AquaClean - Infusion and Hydro dermabrasion

Unique infusion and hydro dermabrasion system for skin exfoliation, regeneration, cleansing, tonifying and profound hydration through the Vortex and Spiral accessories.

The AquaClean™ Infusion and Hydro dermabrasion system is an advanced device for the cleansing, exfoliating and hydration of the skin, utilizing two infusion systems: Vortex™ and Spiral™, for results in:
• Profound cleansing of pores – comedone extraction
• Removal of dermal parasites – reduction of pores
• Improvement in skin texture – tonifying and hydration

Vortex & Vacuum

Using the powerful combination of Vacuum + Vortex / Vacuum + Spiral type accessories with the unique Aquaclean system, besides exfoliation your skin will also become a micro-dermabrasion treatment and a profound cleansing of the skin’s surface in the same time – your skin will become clearer, brighter and more hydrated.
The Vortex treatment head will propel the treatment solution in a spiral way (similar to a vortex), from the center outwards and assures a profound penetration in the tegument. This will dissolve the residues from the surface of the skin – sebum, dead skin cells, comedones or microorganisms – at the end of the treatment the vacuum assures the safe elimination of these residues through the Dual Suction orifice.

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  • Automatic cleaning system – cleaning within a single step
  • A bigger variety of Vortex & Vacuum accessories – smaller and bigger accessories
  • Non-invasive, non-irritating treatment
  • 7 inch intuitive LCD display
  • 5 different settings for the vacuum
  • 3 different pressure adjustment for the treatment solution
  • Unique AquaClean™ treatment solutions


Treatment solution No.1 – AquaClean™ dermabrasion and infusion system
Removes sebum and dermal impurities from the depths of the skin tissue through it’s lactic acid content.
Treatment solution No.2 – AquaClean™ hydrodermabrasion and infusion system
Dissolves the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, sooths acne affected and inflamed skin through it’s lactic acid content.
Treatment solution No.3 – AquaClean™ hydrodermabrasion and infusion system
Assured deep hydration and nutritional supplements to the surface of the skin, through it’s Portulaca Leracea extract.
Treatment solution No.4 – AquaClean™ hydrodermabrasion and infusion system.

Contains Ethanol, a solution that cleans and disinfects the whole system. Contains Ethanol, a solution that cleans and disinfects the whole system.

There are 4 primary functions of the AquaClean™ hydrodermabrasion and infusion system

Intensive skin care
Cleansing through the solution’s lactic acid content on the whole surface of the treatment, afterwards removal of the dead skin sells with the vacuum.

Cleansing without irrtations
The intensive treatment of the area that has comedones or acne through the solution’s content of lactic acid.

Moisturizing/Nutritional supplement
Assures the deep hydration and the necessary nutritional supplements for the already clean skin (hyaluronic acid, urea, Portulaca Oleracea extract etc.)

Disinfection and cleaning
After completing the three steps, solution no. 4 will clean and disinfect the system.

Technical specifications:

Vacuum type5 adjustable levels
Program3 programs / 3 treatment heads
Electrical specificationsAC 220-240V @ 50/60Hz
Display5.7 inch touchscreen
Dimensions471 x 477 x 1227mm
ManufacturerEunsung Global Corp.